Marine Toner 200ml

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Formulated with sea water, rose water and Jania Rubens extracts, this mattifying toner revitalizes dull, sallow complexions. Also ideal as an after-shave lotion to tone and heal. Recommended for oily or combination skin.


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Skin is cleansed, mattified, remineralized and soothed. The powerful cocktail of marine, plant extracts and essential oils helps regulate sebaceous secretions, ideal if you have oily skin or pimples. Perfect for summer due to its mattifying effect. Rich in rose water, this soothing and slightly astringent toner helps refresh skin while calming irritation.

Sea-sourced minerals and trace elements (Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium): Strengthening the skin’s natural protective barrier skin and replenishing its minerals while enhancing your glow
Jania Rubens : (20 000 to 40 000 times richer in trace elements and sea-sourced minerals than sea water) : remineralizing and moisturizing
Rose water: moisturizing, soothing and pore minimizing
Paraben free

How to use
Apply morning and night to face and décolleté with a cotton wool pad (after cleansing skin with Botanical Milk or Oligo Cleansing Gel), or with bare hands, like any aftershave lotion. To personalise and enhance the action of the Marine Toner add essential oils and trace elements with from the following Intensive Complexes: Firming Intensive Complexes (EO + TE) to tone and refresh Balancing Intensive Complexes (EO + TE): to purify and balance Soothing Intensive Complexes (EO + TE): to calm sensitive skin and dilated capillaries Soak cotton wool with Marine Toner and add 1 drop of essential oils and 1 drop of trace elements from your prescribed Intensive Complex and apply in sweeping movements over face and neck.

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