Soothing Intensive Complex 2 x 15ml

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A gently restorative, anti-inflammatory night-time treatment, ideal for sensitive or irritated skin. Marjoram, Italian lemon zest and Centella Asiatica gently soothe itchy skin and reduce redness to leave skin calm, smooth and soft.


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Rapidly reduces irritation so skin feels calmer and rested. Formulated with botanical castor oil and essential oils of marjoram, Italian lemon zest, laurel and aqueous extract of Centella Asiatica for their anti-inflammatory, soothing and vasodilatory properties. Enriched with with chromium, cobalt and iodine to balance blood circulation and protect the capillary walls. KEY INGREDIENTS: Essential oils: Castor oil Marjoram: calming Lemon peel: boosts blood circulation system, vascular toning Centella Asiatica: healing, relieves congestion Trace elements: Cobalt (From Marine criste): Enhancing blood circulation Iodine (From Laminaria digitata, brown seaweed): balancing the hormonal system Chromium (From Bilberry leaf): Soothing itchy skin, balancing blood system HOW TO USE At night: use on their own. Blend in palm of hand prior to application: - 5 drops EO + 5 drops TE appropriate to your needs. In the morning: To intensify and customize the action of the masks, shampoo and body milk. Blend in palm of hand immediately prior to application: - 5 drops EO + 5 drops TE + a small amount of Mask (Cream, Gel or Mineral) - 5 drops EO + 5 drops TE + a small amount of Gentle Mistletoe Shampoo - 5 drops EO + 5 drops TE + a small amount of Botanical Body Milk. To customize Botanical Toner and Marine Toner: Ask your beauty therapist to explain the best method for blending your own customized toner. Avoid contact with eyes. If eye contact occurs, flush out thoroughly.

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