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Somei Yoshino - Gift box

THB 4,500.00 Price

A delicate perfume of cherry blossom "Somei Yoshino" - Yoshino cherry tree, evokes the land, the origins of Japan : an invitation to contemplation.

Péng Lái 100ml

THB 4,300.00 Price

A mythical and floral fragrance

The tale of PÉNG LÁI, tells of the mythic island where the goddess o f flowers, He Xiangu, sojourned.

This Grand Cru invites you to daydream and reveals one of China's most precious flowers, the Osmanthus.

Arz El-Rab 100ml

THB 4,300.00 Price

The natural elegance of wood – sober and authentice

From the Arabic: أرز الربّ Arz el-Rab or ‘Cedars of God Forest’ of Mount Lebanon, it conjures up the land and origins of Lebanon. 

Selva Do Brazil 100ml

THB 4,300.00 Price

The simplicity of a botanical perfume From the Portuguese ‘selva do Brasil’ or ‘forest of Brazil’, it evokes the Amazonian forest that offers luxuriance, warmth and moisture.

Discovery Kit 8 x 2ml

THB 990.00 Price

Let yourself be transported through the olfactory interpretations of the different regions of the world that inspired our Collection Grands Crus. Each Grands Crus offers a unique interpretation of its olfactory identity, combining freshness, elegance and refinement.

Oud Al Sahraa 100ml

THB 4,300.00 Price

A mantle of oud wood fragrance

From the Arabic: "Oud Al Sahraa" or "Oud of the desert", the name conjures up the land and origins of the Orient.