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Balancing Intensive Complex...

THB 4,990.00 Price

Balancing Essential Oils Intensive Complex is formulated with botanical castor oil and contains essential oils of white thyme, cypress, sage and bourbon geranium, choosen for their astringent, detoxifying and regulating properties. Also included in the duo is Balancing Trace Elements Intensive Complex, which is enriched with borage oil and contains copper, potassium and magnesium, well-known for their anti-inflammatory and regulating properties.

Soothing Intensive Complex...

THB 4,990.00 Price

A gently restorative, anti-inflammatory night-time treatment, ideal for sensitive or irritated skin. Marjoram, Italian lemon zest and Centella Asiatica gently soothe itchy skin and reduce redness to leave skin calm, smooth and soft.

Firming Intensive Complex 2...

THB 4,990.00 Price

A reviving, restorative treatment that improves elasticity. Tea tree, eucalyptus and geranium are among the most powerful essential oils that leave skin feeling refreshed, firmer and fully moisturized. Ideal for mature and sun-damaged skin.